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Webwise, the Irish Internet Safety Awareness Centre, are delighted to share details of a suite of new resources for Primary and Post Primary Teachers, along with links to their recent evening webinar series events.

New Online Course for Post Primary Teachers: What is Digital Citizenship and How to Teach it

The aim of this course is to provide Post Primary teachers with the knowledge, resources and confidence to teach digital citizenship and to empower their students to be safe, ethical and responsible online. Drawing on relevant online safety resources and activities from Webwise, participants will explore what it means to be a good digital citizen and identify opportunities for the teaching and learning of one or more of the 10 domains of digital citizenship in their specific subjects. Topics explored include online wellbeing, news and information literacy, privacy, communication, ethics, empathy and more. The course contains new good practice videos filmed in three Post Primary schools and makes specific links to SPHE, CSPE and the Digital Media Literacy short course. Further details can be found by logging in to the Scoilnet portal here.

Webwise Teachers Evening Webinar Series

Webwise have just completed a series of evening webinars for teachers. If you missed the webinars, recordings are available. The Webwise Teacher Series aims to provide helpful information, advice, guidance and resources to assist the introduction of online safety into the classroom. The series was supported by experts in the area of digital technology, SPHE, academics and legal experts. The webinars explored the recently enacted Coco's Law, addressing cyberbullying in school, media and information literacy and introducing online safety to young children.

HTML Heroes - New Resource for 1st and 2nd Classes

Webwise recently launched a new resource for teachers of 1st and 2nd classes; HTML Heroes - Welcome to the Internet. The HTML Heroes Programme has been designed for teachers of 1st and 2nd classes to introduce students to the first steps of accessing and using the internet in a safe and responsible manner. The resource has five lessons that can be explored separately or delivered as a whole unit. The lessons explore areas including using the internet safely, communicating online, playing and learning online, getting help and support. Through five short illustrated stories, students will learn the basic skills for being safe and secure online, including why it is essential to STOP, THINK, CHECK when accessing the digital world. The five lessons in the resource provide opportunities to engage with digital technology and highlight the benefits and opportunities the internet brings, while also equipping students with the skills to safely navigate the digital world. The resource can be accessed here.

Understanding Coco's Law - New 'What is Coco's Law?' SPHE Lesson

In response to the very welcome changes to legislation this year making the non-consensual sharing of intimate images an offence and the introduction of Coco's Law, Webwise have created a dedicated What is Coco's Law SPHE Lesson for teachers; understanding the Harassment, Harmful Communication and Related Offences Act 2020 and the legal consequences of it for young people. This lesson is intended to be appropriate for the 3rd to 5th Year demographic in Post Primary schools. Students will be able to recognise the key offences under the Harassment, Harmful Communication and Related Offences Act 2020. Students will understand that their online actions have consequences for both themselves and others and that they are accountable for their actions. Students will feel empowered to speak-up about online sexual harassment and know where to go for help if it occurs. 

The Full Picture Lesson

The Full Picture Lesson has been designed to assist and support teachers of SPHE when teaching their students about the influences and pressures young people may face while using social media, the impact on their self-esteem online and how to manage their online wellbeing. The aim is to encourage students to be mindful of the impact, both positive and negative, social media can have on how we feel and empower them with the resources and strategies to manage their own online wellbeing. 

Safer Internet Day Scripted Presentations  

Free Safer Internet Day presentations are available for Primary and Post Primary level. These include Primary school presentations for use with 1st and 2nd classes, 3rd and 4th classes, and 5th and 6th classes. The Post Primary level presentation explores topics including News, Information and the Problems of False Information; Managing Your Online Wellbeing; Respectful Communication Online; Self-Esteem Online - The Full Picture. The presentations, a full script/notes, and Take Home Activities, can be downloaded here.

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